Thinking outside the box

  Today, rapid consumer adoption of
technology applications (ie:Internet, cell
phones etc.) has encouraged many
companies to embrace the power of
digital media to achieve remarkable

But, what’s right for one company,
may not be right for another.

  I have the experience to deliver a comprehensive solution, as well as establish and maintain relationships of integrity. Experience can come in many forms, and at the base of understanding its capabilities is the ability to determine what is appropriate and when. I am able to offer a variety of approaches. My experience with Project management teams, customer service teams, marketing teams, software design/development teams, infrastructure teams and site management teams continues to further my understanding of how technologies may impact a business, a marketing initiative, a solution, a problem and how best to approach each challenge.

  The result? A blend of creative marketing, applied technology,and business savvy that brings your organization to life.

  So, if you’re looking for an innovative team member, drop me a line. I look forward to being a source of energy for you for years to come.