Internet Marketing

  Online communication and electronic
commerce technologies are revolutionizing
the manor in which we conduct business.
In a short period of time, the Internet has
transformed the way we communicate, buy
and sell products and build relationships.
The award- winning UBC Certificate in Internet Marketing is an intensive educational
program for marketing professionals and business entrepreneurs. It explores the many ways organizations can use the Internet to expand current marketing communications, acquire new markets, manage online transactions and provide new forms of customer value. Participants develop an understanding of marketing strategies that can take their organization confidently into the 21st century.

  The Internet Marketing education I have received via the University of British Columbia, has taught me how to use Internet technologies to create value for individuals, customers and organizations the world over. I have the ability to help you to explore internet maketing strategies, to extend your market reach, expand your business sales, provide you with better business services and develop closer customer relations.